Enjoy beautiful northern Michigan on horseback at Liberty Valley Ranch in Gaylord, Michigan.

Miles of scenic wooded trails with state forests and lakes to enjoy. If you want a quiet relaxing ride while you watch for deer and
other woodland critters, or if you want a more energetic ride for the adventurous folks, you'll find it at Liberty Valley Ranch.

Beginners to experienced riders are all welcome at our ranch.

1-Hour Guided Trail Rides: Small groups for ages 9 and up. Our rides are walk or walk/trot depending on the skill level and
preference of the riders. $40 each, for 2-5 riders.

Half-Hour Guided Trail Ride for Families With Younger Children (age 4-8): This is a great ride allowing young children and their
parents or older siblings to go on a ride together. The younger children will be hand-guided by one of our staff for their safety.
For this ride, all riders have the option to participate in grooming and giving their horse a treat after the ride. $30 each, minimum
of 2 riders. Up to 3 children and 3 adults.

Mini-Trail Ride For Age 8 and Under: This is a fun 10-15 minute trail ride for the younger children. Our staff will be their guide and
parents can stroll along or stay back and relax at the ranch. $15 each. Ages 2-8.

* Trail rides are available by appointment most days, evenings, and weekends.

* Trail rides are walk or walk/trot, depending on the abilities and desires of the riders.

* For safety reasons, we do not allow double riding.

* Equestrian riding helmets are provided and required for all riders.

* We have a rider weight limit of 215 pounds.